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This hour long facial begins with a moisturizing CLEANSER that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, soft, and hydrated - all while naturally moisturizing and infusing the skin with botanical goodness. This is followed by a gentle EXFOLIATION with powdered herbs, to gently remove the top layer of dead, dull skin cells leaving the skin feeling smooth, radiant, healthy and polished. To help adjust and balance the pH skin level, a TONER is applied that naturally tightens, while soothing.  Also, invigorating herbal elements in the toner help remove residuals. This service also includes a face and neck massage using warm lavender oil, lifting tired muscles for a healthy radiant glow. A finishing touch of leave-on FACIAL SERUM of clary sage, lavender and rosehip serum is applied. This facial is for either gender, and can be stand-alone or combined with a massage.

hour long facial - $75

hour long facial paired with a 60 minute massage - $130 when scheduled with Brenda Schwartz

hour long facial paired with a 90 minute massage - $155 when schedule with Brenda Schwartz