Foundations Series

Our foundations yoga classes will guide you on the origins of yoga, the basics of breathing, meditation, and movements of yoga, and most importantly how yoga can help you. These classes will focus on my interpretation of what yoga means to me. And my hope is that when you finish the final class in the series, you'll have your own unique definition of what yoga is to you. My intention in teaching this series is for you to be able to lead your own practice at home, walk into a yoga class anywhere taught by anyone and leave staying true to your own definition of yoga, and/or be able to watch a video of yoga and follow it with your own yoga heart in mind. Series cost is $60.

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Private Yoga

Private Yoga sessions are useful to beginners just learning about Yoga as well as ‘seasoned’ practitioners who would like a refresher or to focus on a particular aspect of their practice. Also, there are just some folks that prefer the one on one aspect of a private session. Meditation, postures & breath-work will be included and the client is invited to direct the sessions so as to best meet their needs.



3 sessions/$140 – 1 month expiration

6 sessions/$240 – 2 month expiration

Therapeutic Yoga

with Yvette

Therapeutic Yoga offers us an opportunity to participate in body awareness for the purpose of learning about our life. When we engage with what is happening in our bodies we have an opportunity to learn about ourself. Knowledge empowers us to make informed choices. Thoughtful choice offers us an opportunity to live intentionally – to manifest the life that is most meaningful to us. 

A combination of body movements, supported stretching and verbal exploration provides a means of tuning into physical sensations and often unnoticed thoughts and feelings. Studies show that not only are your mental health and mood dependent in large part on physical factors, but stress, anxiety and depression can affect physical health leading to increased blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain and even risk of death. 

Potential benefits: Emotional stability, Mental clarity, Ability to relax more deeply, Alleviation of pain, Improved recovery from severe or long-standing illness.

$65/90 min. – Initial/Single Visit

Packages: (1 hr. sessions)

3 visits/$175 – 6 month expiration

6 visits/$270 – 9 month expiration

Yoga Classes

Our regular yoga classes will be a continuation of the journey of exploring your definition of yoga. It is ever evolving, just like you as an individual. The class will be dictated by the individuals attending. We'll explore breathing, meditation, and stretches and postures that support your general well being. All levels welcome.

$50 for a private session

Class setting $10 per person

Let us know your day/time needs and we'll build a class around you

We offer a foundations of yoga series, yoga classes, and private yoga sessions. Please contact us with your yoga needs.